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This Web Page is to intrigue and to inform.  I hope you enjoy it.  As you can tell my passion is the Mustang.  But there is more to this page.  There will soon be a article discussion page, which you can add your two cents. 
Cheyenne (Quarter Horse), our second horse. 

Some Quick training tips:

One thing I learned with my Mustang (Kana), being forced to do ground work because of hard saddle fitting, manners has really helped both of us.  Kana and I have been in situations that we had to stand quietly.  And we did really well in a lot of odd places.  To ask your horse to walk places you would normally not walk is a very good thing.  I learned from the beginning from buying him that I had to lead him places that he has never been before. He wasn't even "gentled" then-see my Kana Story.  If something happens that your horse ends up in a place it's not used to, you need to know that your horse can trust you enough to go anywhere with you and stand perfectly still if your horse needs to.  A quick training tip: don't use cross ties, that's just cheating.  Use just the lead rope and give your horse the command to stay.  It's your horse so you don't have to use the word what the books tell you, but you do have to stick with that word you pick.  I started by stepping away just a few steps, holding the lead, because he would want to either follow me or wonder off.  Do that, get farther and making your horse stand longer.  Start with 15-30 minutes a day some horses can handle a little more.  If the horse is starting to look really restless, then, it's probably time to stop.  Because the both of you will just be more frustrated then getting anywhere.


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